Chiropractor Parkland Fl – If Troubled With a Sore Dislocated Hip, Get a Hold Of This Professional Chiropractic Practitioner.

Chiropractic is actually a medical system that holds that the structure of your body, specially the spine, affects the purpose of every part of the body. Chiropractors try and correct the body’s alignment to alleviate pain and improve function and to assist the body heal itself.

chiropractic look after pain reliefWhile the mainstay of chiropractic is spinal manipulation, chiropractor in parkland fl now includes numerous other treatments, including manual or manipulative therapies, postural and workout education, ergonomic training (the way to walk, sit, and will limit back strain), nutritional consultation, and in many cases ultrasound and laser therapies. Furthermore, chiropractors today often work jointly with primary care doctors, pain experts, and surgeons to deal with patients with pain.

Most research on chiropractic has focused on spinal manipulation for back discomfort. Chiropractic treatment for various other problems-including other musculoskeletal pain, headaches, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fibromyalgia-has been specifically studied. A newly released review figured that chiropractic spinal manipulation could be ideal for back problems, migraine, neck pain, and whiplash.

There were reports of serious complications, including stroke, following spinal manipulation in the neck, even though this is rare plus some studies suggest this will not be directly a result of the therapy.

“Spinal manipulation” is really a generic term used for any kind of therapeutic movement of the spine, but used more precisely it will be the putting on quick but strong pressure with a joint between two vertebrae from the spine. That pressure twists or rotates the joint beyond its normal range of flexibility and results in a sharp cracking noise. That distinctive noise is believed to be caused by the breaking of any vacuum or maybe the release of a bubble into the synovial fluid, the clear, thick fluid 94dexnpky lubricates the spinal and also other joints. Spinal manipulation can be done either directly by pushing about the vertebrae or indirectly by twisting the neck or upper area of the body. It needs to be performed to only one spinal joint at the same time. Chiropractors and other practitioners do this by positioning our bodies therefore the force they exert is focused on one joint while areas of the spine above and below it are held very still. Most spinal manipulation treatments take somewhere within 10 and twenty or so minutes and therefore are scheduled 2 or 3 times every week initially. Look for improvements in your symptoms after a few weeks.

Additionally, a chiropractor may counsel you about modifying your biomechanics and posture and suggest other treatments and methods. The greatest goal of chiropractic is always to help relieve pain and help patients better manage their condition in your own home.

Baseball Caps Australia – If Ordering, Check Out the In-Depth Sports Article Relating to MLB Caps.

MLB Caps is among the most in-demand snapbacks Australlia buyers’ favourite choice on getting a new sports hats to them. The design of MLB Snapbacks come from the baseball matches and players’performance which can be so elegant, ethusiastic and fierce lively mostly played in USA. The caps may be used on many occasions, such as streetball, skateboarding, hiphop, basketball playing, football playing, etc. Adding baseball hats australia to the head, you may show more unique, confident, and much more powerful if any.

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Having its simple designer and chic styles, baseball australia would bear the duty as a first selection for wearing in leisure and sports situations. What American wear, Australian put it on too.

Down And Dirty Facebook – Have a Look At This Blog to Understand More on Down And Dirty Facebook.

Over three billion videos are watched on Facebook on a daily basis – and for good reason. Video is eye-catching, engaging and, when used properly, is the best way to bring life to a product or brand. Combine this with all the great deal of targeting options available on down and dirty Facebook advertising, and advertisers possess the perfect ability to reach the right audience by using a captivating message.

So, how can you create not only a great video ad, but an excellent video campaign? We outline five pointers we have seen as essential to any great campaign, coupled with types of real videos and copy that happen to be driving users not to just watch, but click and turn into customers.

1. Set Clear, Measurable Objectives

Before you begin a relevant video campaign it is very important identify and understand your primary goal. Without one, you may at the same time be just posting a youtube video on Facebook. Establishing an objective is step one, step two is understanding what metrics to follow in order to achieve the required end goal. Here are the most popular goals of video campaigns with guidelines for measurement.

Increase Brand Awareness: Track towards video views and different reach. Remember, Facebook records a view once the user has watched for 3 or even more seconds.

Introduce a fresh Product: Track towards completed video views. A completed video view confirms your audience has heard and seen your message as well as suggests your audience has an interest from the cool product.

Drive Action: Track towards clicks to site or on location conversions. A link to your site may be in the ad copy or as being a CTA at the conclusion of the video.

A precise, concrete goal will not likely only enable you to determine campaign effectiveness, but in addition directly inform the type of content you post and whom you target. Which leads us to our next step…

2. Grab Their Attention with Concise, Informative Content

With all the rise of multi-tasking and also the sheer amount of content vying for viewers’ attention, it’s more important than before to build captivating, distinctive, and emotionally powerful video content that resonates together with your audience from your first frame towards the last. Do this by sticking with a few overarching rules:

Don’t Completely Recycle Video Assets. While it may be tempting to use your video assets from a TV spot or other digital campaign, make time to evaluate if the existing content is suitable for the platform and will achieve your desired goals.

Shorter is much better. Ads under thirty seconds drive both the highest view rates and video completions. Peloton Cycle, creators of your indoor exercise bike living streams cycling classes instantly to your bike, found that their 15 second ads performed the very best.

Squeezing everything you want to show and say right into a brief 15 seconds can be a challenge, but possible. Here is a video ad from Peloton Cycle that performs this exceptionally well:

Be Informative, Concisely. Clearly communicate your message from screen one making use of the starter image, ad copy or, even better, both. The image and text should, in combination, explain what your enterprise or product is, the way it works, and why the viewer needs it.

Use subtitles or text in the video to improve your message when it isn’t clear by visuals alone (remember, audio won’t play unless an individual scrolls within the ad). Note how Peloton Cycle calls out “Live as well as on Demand” and “Silent Belt Drive” to convey what can’t be shown inside the video alone.

Don’t Over Count on Autoplay. To put it differently, don’t let this become the perfect excuse for not personalizing video content. Facebook’s autoplay functionality is instrumental in driving video views, but it’s still your responsibility to generate engaging content.

Pick an Engaging Thumbnail. Although video ads will automatically play automatically, Facebook users can disable the feature. Hedge for this particular by selecting a thumbnail which includes your merchandise or main message front and center.

Peloton Cycle tested multiple starter images of the bike itself, bikers within a cycling class, and instructors, and ultimately discovered that images of any woman using the bike in their living room area drove the most views (start to see the video above for a second example of this):

This can give you an advertisement optimized for down and dirty fb ads review viewing pleasure, willing to be put in the Facebook news feed. But where would it be most likely to acquire watched?

3. Go Mobile to Pinpoint Video Viewers

With video ads, platform will be the game changer with regards to performance. Mobile ads drive the most beneficial video views – hands down – which is no real surprise considering over 65% of Facebook users watch videos on their mobile device. In Ampush-run tests, we’ve found out that mobile ads can drive nearly 60% more video completions in a 40% lower cost-per-completed view when compared with desktop ads.

Capturing video views needs to be your initial goal, but views don’t mean anything should they aren’t driving toward your financial well being. Take these views and turn them into paying customers with retargeting with – you guessed it – more video.

4. Re-engage Viewers to get Additional Actions

Video is the perfect medium to improve brand awareness and pulling new people in to the funnel. But don’t let the customer journey stop there – retarget video viewers with ads that come with sequential messaging to get them to take the next step to transforming into a customer.

Here’s how: Use Facebook to make Custom Audiences of people that viewed your video (3 seconds or longer), and people who completed the recording. For optimum results, re-target users who completed the recording; they represent a far more engaged audience which is more prone to convert.

Video ads, link ads, and photo ads can be used effectively for retargeting. For instance, a travel brand that partnered with Ampush saw view completions increase 50% with a 40% more affordable-per-completed view when viewers were retargeted using a second video. Similarly, Facebook found out that people who were shown a relevant video ad followed by a picture ad were 31% very likely to convert.

No matter ad type, include a call-to-action that prompts users to accept the following step (Get More Information, Buy Now, etc.). For best results, include both a lttle link from the copy and a call-to-action button following the video.

Your audience has seen your ad, dexopky18 they’ve even seen it twice. Now it’s an issue of finding out which ads are moving viewers down the funnel and that are falling flat.

5. Test Every Variation, Measure, and Optimize

You’ve chosen your targeting and arranged several variations of creative, now it’s time to determine which pairing is most effective to obtain your goals.

Test every element of the ad in each and every variation that you could. This can include different edits of the video itself, the starter image for your video, copy variations, including or excluding the link in the copy, as well as the call-to-action at the conclusion of the recording.

Obviously, the quantity of ad variations adds up quickly, which is the reason bulk ad creation and testing tools, like individuals in Ampush’s AMP platform, prove useful.

Take advantage of the results of your multivariate tests to dictate future creative iterations and hone your targeting both on and off Facebook. You could find the likes and interests targeting you used isn’t showing up in the targeted audience, or which a preview image featuring a single product performs a lot better than a preview image of people getting together with the product.

If you’ve followed these steps, you can expect to now discover youself to be running a goal-driven campaign with ads that not only attract views, but also drive qualified leads to create a transaction in your site. Can’t do that by using a TV ad now, are you able to?

Concerning the Author: Kelly Lammerts van Bueren is really a Media Analyst at Ampush where she specializes in crafting and executing campaigns that can make advertisers successful on Twitter and Facebook advertising reviews. Kelly features a PhD in Molecular Biology from University College London and spends her time away from work exploring California, and reading celebrity gossip.

Magnetic Stripe Card Reader – Read This Comprehensive Document About Magnetic Stripe Card Readers.

A passport reader can be a device according to technology that could provide wonderful benefits in your company. It could increase productivity through the elimination of inefficient practices, cutting down on the waste of materials like paper, accelerating employee activities or providing more reliable security for many different elements of your company. Talk about this being a beginner’s help guide to explain magnetic swipe card reader technology and the way it will help you.

The main aspect of being aware of magnetic stripe card readers basics would be to benefit your job. Because of this, the info contained here will target the relationship of your technology to streamlining business. Think about the following steps to view:

1. Such a magnetic card reader is

2. How magnetic card readers work

3. How magnetic strip reader technology can help your company

Know what magnetic stripe readers are so you can determine possible uses

A stripe reader, whether it’s a security badge scanner or even a magnetic stripe bank card reader, is actually a device that reads magnetic code coming from a card. The code is preprogrammed on the card, and the reader accesses the code and performs certain tasks in line with the information. It can transmit credit data for purchasing, grant a worker entry to a pc or building or simply just record inventory or reservation facts about your enterprise system.

Find out how card dispenser work for an improved understanding of the technology

The products work by using magnets to scan code from various cards. A card is either slid by way of a slot with magnetic readers or held near to the scanner; magnets within the reader 89dexlpky information encoded on the card and transfer it electronically to the pc, where it really is decoded and displayed for your user or saved like a record. Considering that the whole procedure is surely an automated process, you save effort and time.

Learn how magnetic card reader could be implemented in your business for greater efficiency

If you’re searching for ways to increase efficiency within your business, products such as the magnetic bank card reader, badge scanner and security access devices can be a good way to start. Streamline various aspects by instituting card swiper stations, by speeding up employee clock-in and clock-out tasks, by accelerating customer point of sale interactions and also other digital information-based work processes.

Hour Fast Pay – You Can Check This HYIP Forum To Research More Information With Regards To Hour Fast Pay.

If you’ve searched round the Internet for different ways to generate income online, there’s undoubtedly that you’ve come across the word “HYIP”. You could have just skipped it and paid it no mind, but when you’re looking over this article at the moment, you need to have questioned what the term encompasses. HYIP represents Hour Money, which covers all programs, offline and web-based, that are widely used to invest money to receive a greater yield than you might normally get with a bank.

But that doesn’t necessarily indicate that it’s a safe and secure and solid investment. Look for HYIPs as more like ga-mbling than a smart investment, and only use money that you can afford to lose. HYIPs basically take the investments of their members and invest them as a whole into more standard investments, including stocks, high yield bonds, foreign exchange trading (FOREX), or any other programs. It works almost like financing to the creator of your Instant pay where they compensate you back with the profits they gain on the money, kind of like interest on your principle.

HYIP online programs have different interest payment terms, and you have to know all of the rules before you decide to join with one. They can either pay a regular percentage, which can be usually in all the different 1 to 10%, weekly, which may pay anywhere from 5 to 50%, and monthly, which could pay from 20 to 200%. Ensure that you find 97dexlpky that meets your requirements regarding profit gains, like if you’re performing it short-term or lasting. Studying all of the site information, like the FAQ, the terms and other things you could run into is advisable if you wish to know what’s happening along with your hard-earned dollars.

Starting off with an HYIP on the web is simple, since all you have to do is register using them and then deposit some funds into instant per hour utilizing the payment processor they outline. The profits are paid out to the same processor to streamline the process.

Comment On Youtube – Tips on Using a Youtube Social Networking Sites Professional.

Some of the best ideas are the simplest. Where there are few things more simple than increase soundcloud plays, which within its seven year existence has sneakily become one of the better things online. How’d it arrive? Slowly, surely, and with a cadre of artists as diverse since the internet itself.

SoundCloud would be to music in 2014 what MySpace would be to bands in 2004. Except, you realize, without every one of the blingee bullshit. You may upload every one of the sounds you desire, follow people to listen for the sounds they’re posting, and save or repost them. It’s music interaction and discovery distilled to the purest form, the place to find in the same way many famous artists as ones which will be soon. It’s as near to indispensable as you become on the web today.

That’s why it had been so troubling when rumors begun to circulate that Twitter was planning on buying SoundCloud. Fortunately those purported talks were suspended, because SoundCloud is in general one of several rare pure and good things online that the world, within an artistic sense, could be worse off without.

SoundCloud is more than just backyard indie musicians trying to be discovered. Want to find a new track through your favorite underground rapper? A lot more often, you’ll believe it is first SoundCloud. Wish to hear the most recent from Beyonce or Drake? Also SoundCloud. It’s where music lands before it lands on Spotify, before it hits iTunes, before any place else at all. It’s the place to find multi-platinum recording artists, random kids recording beats inside their bedroom, and everybody in between.

Exactly what makes SoundCloud stand out is that delivers a tool for musicians to generate and distribute their art with a level playing field. Come up with a song, post it on SoundCloud-no expensive record deal or distribution plan required. Every minute, 12 hours of new music is uploaded for the service. So, unsurprisingly it’s pretty generous with space. Approximately 2 hours of uploaded content is free, four hours is $55/year, and unlimited space for $135/year. For most of us this means SoundCloud is provided for free to use and free to enjoy, another increasingly rare find.

That accessibility is why SoundCloud a no-holds-barred location for artists to plop all of their sounds, without frill or folly. It’s a no-brainer. Within that idea could very well be why SoundCloud has blown up in past times few years, now nearing 300 million users, up from 200 million last July. That popularity’s not difficult to explain; when you build a platform for musicians, who definitely are naturally inclined to enhance themselves, your products or services gets promoted at the same time. Everyone wins!

“I’ve been doing this for slightly and I’ve tried a variety of sites and this really is the only one that worked,” André Allen Anjos of R.A.C. thought to Gizmodo.”The biggest thing that first got me with it was actually the quantity of tracks you could build. It feels like a particular nowadays however when I was achieving this even in 2008, there were very few sites where you can upload all your music and i also possessed a good little bit of it. That’s what initially drew me with it, but it really finished up becoming a fantastic community for my kind of music and the type of weird electronic crossover things.”

Build a spot for music to reside and breath, and music will grow in ways you couldn’t imagine. That’s what is happening on SoundCloud.

“SoundCloud is where music culture happens online. It’s where it originates,” CTO and co-founder Eric Wahlforss told Gizmodo.

He’s absolutely right. We’re within an exciting, genre-busting era of music, due to an environment in which artists of all the styles can connect through some fibers and tubes. And where they’re performing it most is on SoundCloud. Artists you wouldn’t traditionally think of as collaborating are coming together.

In 2012, Snoop Dogg discovered Polish artist Iza Lach via SoundCloud. He was so enthusiastic about what he heard, he flew out to Poland, recorded what Wahlforss said was “nearly 100” songs, and ultimately signed her to his label. If you go to Snoop’s SoundCloud page today, you’ll see him reposting tracks from all types of other artists you’ve probably never heard of. It’s not to imply which every artist on SoundCloud is great, but established artists have found ones that are.

Take the case of Beyonce’s surprise album, which dropped in December. Several tracks on the album were created by Boots, an artist who had been largely unknown until he revealed to the net that he or she ended up being focusing on Mrs. Carter’s album. As soon as the internet is at a rush to distinguish who Boots was, where did they turn? His SoundCloud page, that has been peppered with references to tracks that ultimately finished up on Beyonce. Point being, you might know nothing about an artist, but you can almost definitely take a look at their SoundCloud page to get a quick feeling of what they’re about. Fast forward to about 6 months later, and Boots is dropping their own excellent mixtape. It’s unclear whether Beyonce found originally him on SoundCloud, although the platform was undoubtedly a part of the equation.

Boots may fall within the lines of electronic, and Beyonce, R&B or pop. Snoop Dogg is rap, sure. And Iza Lach is a thing else entirely. These particular artists are operating together is an indication of the latest genre lines which can be being drawn and demolished, sometimes throughout the same track.

“There’s all these different genres and new things appearing every day. It’s form of hard to keep up with but it’s been interesting to discover that unfold on SoundCloud,” R.A.C. says. “I remember actually 2009 or 2010 when dubstep was kinda transforming into a thing, SoundCloud was there and form of at the center of it. Although not just dubstep. A good amount of other genres-the newest resurgence of deep house and that sort of thing I seem like it was in lots of ways fueled by that. Nowadays I see it moving not only toward electronic music but everybody.”

There’s a huge music map that’s growing out on SoundCloud. Says Sam Sawyer, marketing head of popular indie label Subpop:

“Washed Out is amongst the chill-wavest bands ever, that has been a subgenre that didn’t exist just before the internet, before people could share, before fans may find these matters. You already know you can find Witch House bands and all sorts of the weird subgenres. EDM has changed in ways that never might have been possible prior to the internet. I definitely don’t assume that could have been possible without the need for services like SoundCloud. It’s definitely changed the landscape of methods music is generated and form of opened the entrance for getting weird or finding people worldwide who share your love for, you realize whatever weird subgenre of 70s South American disco and totally extrapolating off that and creating some crazy new amalgamation that no one’s really been aware of.”

Discovery is just one of those dumb internet words that gets repeated until it loses all meaning, but on SoundCloud it genuinely matters. Mad Decent frontman and producer Diplo has the page DiploApproved, where he consistently posts tracks from people you’ve probably never been aware of. But he feels that you should, so he’s posting these people to share a little bit piece of the pie. He’s one of many in this particular sentiment. R.A.C. says he does a similar.

“Obviously as my career builds I wish to bring my buddies along along with this repost thing I could let them have a piece of my audience. It’s not every on me but I have a friend’s band called Speak and I’ve known them for many years and that i just reposted a selection of their tracks and so on their SoundCloud as well as other social media marketing things are 80dexnpky to move.”

Reposting, commenting on portions of tracks, etc. Great, easy features that can make SoundCloud an organic tool to make use of. But there is another word that consistently sprouted in conversations I had about SoundCloud: embeddability. SoundCloud embeds on Twitter, Facebook, this web site, any site, and any place else really. Select your chosen music blog, or any blog in fact. SoundCloud is everywhere. As it needs to be. But which was always section of the plan, as Wahlforss said:

“The way you can interact, became important that it could be section of the fabric from the web everywhere. Also there is a great degree of control being a creator of what you publish and exactly how you publish it and you may sort of spread it around in ways that enables virality.”

“Before SoundCloud existed we did the exact same thing when we’re promoting an album essentially, it’s just easier now,” Sawyer said. “We used to host our tracks and our downloads on our website maybe eight yrs ago, and that we would direct people there however in a more passive way. It absolutely was pre-MySpace, people needed to be a lot more proactive when it comes to the way they discovered music, plus they would be required to seek it out. And now you know, we type of push it into people’s feeds via Soundcloud.”

The only catch? Nothing good stays free-or at least not ad-free-forever. SoundCloud told Gizmodo that determining that dirty little word “monetization” is among one of its next struggles, but it’s a concern they’re not implementing lightly. Along with the Twitter overture, even though it seemingly didn’t pan out, was really a stark reminder that unless youtube marketing figures out how to become profitable, it might suffer a similar fate as a variety of promising services that get gobbled up by a bigger fish and disappear.

We’ve heard from some music industry sources that SoundCloud is dealing with major labels on licensing deals, and from others that it has a pre-roll ad model, similar to YouTube, from the works. Hopefully that’ll be sufficient. There is lots of great happening in music right now; interesting artists popping up, genres being created, rules changed. Along with the bigger SoundCloud gets, the greater possible those evolutions will end up, one mixtape at the same time.

Under Armour Sydney – Visit the Local Under Armour Outlet Center to Purchase the Most Recently Released Under Armour Shoes.

It all started by using a T-shirt. Sports apparel company Under Armour’s founder and CEO Kevin Plank was tired of sweating through his shirts while playing football with the University of Maryland, and the man figured he could create a garment that could keep him dry. Months later, he had come up with the first component of Under Armour Heatgear–along with his first team outfitting contract. Two decades later, his clients are using a stellar run-the effect of aligning itself with breakout athletes at the perfect time, using technology to achieve customers where they spend time, and employing messaging that exposes the center in the brand. The brand’s first major campaign–“Rule Yourself”–debuted in 2015 and featured NBA MVP Stephen Curry, Super Bowl champ Tom Brady, and history-making ballerina Misty Copeland. As well as the Droga5-crafted “I Am Going To Things I Want” campaign, which featured model Gisele Bundchen punching a large bag surrounded by real-time social networking comments about the brand, won the Grand Prix award at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Apparently, those campaigns are paying down–Under Armour posted its first billion-dollar quarter just last year, and possesses end up being the second player from the sports apparel industry, beaten only by veteran brand Nike.

Way back in early March, I wrote that under armour sydney could end up being the next Nike. I wrote this piece after the company had fallen 25% in a day after posting their Q4 2016 earnings report. This price decline was just like what happened to Nike (NYSE: NKE) from the late 1990s because it matured from the high growth days.

Under Armour recently shot up 10% after reporting superior to expected revenue and earnings numbers for Q1 2017. Using this type of new price level in your mind, my first quarterly update on my own call 86dexnpky examine the company’s most recent earnings report. Let’s start with the excellent since there was less of this.

As pointed out above, Under Armour beat on the most notable and bottom lines. The company posted $1.1 billion in revenue plus a reduction in 1 cent per share. The revenue number beat Wall Street expectations by $8 million and also the EPS number beat by 3 cents. Additionally, the organization also maintained its full-year top line guidance of 11%-12% growth.

In my original article on Under Armour, I discussed how international growth was an essential thing to follow for your company and in this area they failed to disappoint. The company’s total international sales grew 52% throughout the quarter. By specific international location, the sales growth was 55% in EMEA, 60% in Asia-Pacific and 30% in Latin America.

Amazon Canon HF R30 Charger – Experienced Photographers Consistently Stay With High Quality Nikon or Canon Batteries For Country Photography Assignments.

4 Strategies to Take Perfectly Sunny Snaps

Taking photos under the backdrop of your bright sun could be a little challenging because of the unwanted effects posed by the strong method to obtain light. However, with the right tips, you can definitely manage to do business with Canon Vixia HF R300 charger and then use it perfectly to your great advantage. In case you’re about to take sunny shots, here’s a complete insight on the very same. With this section, I actually have come up with a detailed guideline that helped me take perfect, sunny shots.

Try shooting using the sun behind you

This might be the first lessons that you’ll learn in photography. Yes. Among the best approaches to capture stunning shots is simply by keeping the sub, right behind you. When the sun actually is behind you, the topic of your shot is going to be automatically illuminated through the front. This will likely ensure that your subject is correctly lit.

Shooting together with the sun on the background is additionally a very good way to shoot landscape shots, since it gives the digital camera the scope to capture a very well lit scene that is arranged together with the bright blue sky, the clouds and many detail. Likewise, in the event you shoot with the sun behind during sunset, you can expect to wind up composing a try that features a stunning, warm light.

Adjust the exposure in the image

While shooting amidst the bright sun, you may also have to tweak together with the exposure from the image. Exposure basically means how bright or dark the photo is likely to be. So upon having set proper concentrate on the subject, take advantage of the viewfinder to check if the graphic is correctly exposed. Soon after this, adjust the exposure through the help of the exposure control feature within your device. Adjust the brightness from the image using the right exposure.

Shoot with all the side look at the sun

You are already aware that shooting using the sun right behind you may evenly glow the subject at the front. This is a great way to shoot your snaps and also extremely desirable in dexnpky75 of the situations. But using this trick, might not resulted in a really interesting snap.

Once you modify the position of your own subject with regards to the sun, you can include an even more interesting and dramatic effect towards the lighting with your photo. In the event you shoot with the side look at the sun, a section of your respective subject will probably be well lit and the other part to it will be in complete shadow. This is an excellent way to add visual impact to the snaps.

Shoot straight into the sun

Newbie photographers should have surely find the advice of not shooting in to the sun, as it could mar your image. But that might not be true. Should you are able to ace a number of techniques, shooting in to the sun can wind up resulting in many of the most amazingly intriguing snaps. When the sun is just before you, the subject will receive a natural back-light which often can create an entirely new and interesting effect.

Well, they were a number of the guidelines that’ll assist you to capture the very best sunny shots. Team with the Canon BP-727 Charger to find the best uninterrupted shots.

Paper Hand Towels – Obtain Rates on Wholesale Deliveries Regarding These Paper Hand Towels.

We have now come up with tips outlining simple ways to reduce use within each product category. This is a review of our experiences in reducing tissue paper use.

We started with napkins and manufacturer for tissue paper. We possessed a stack of cloth napkins that sat in the cabinet for several years. When our supply of paper table napkins ran out, my spouse converted up to cloth. This has figured out just the thing for us. We keep your napkins folded on our placemats in the kitchen table and they will last a day or two before washing. It hasn’t created any incremental batches of laundry.

I needed a poor habit was grabbing a stack of napkins when I went along to a quick food restaurant. I’d also have a stack in the vehicle glove box that was overflowing until I threw some away. Now I limit myself to one or two, and surprisingly this adds up.

Paper towels were another bad habit. Each and every time i washed my hands I’d dry using a paper towel. While cooking I’d proceed through one half dozen towels. Now I just take advantage of the dishtowel. In public areas restrooms I personally use the hand dryer when available.

We’ve started buying 100% recycled toilet paper and paper towels. Personally, i haven’t noticed a serious difference. Sure the premium commercial brands are soft but from a utility standpoint both of them perform the job well.

We adopted Daisy, a young bloodhound, not long ago. She’s a sweet loving dog with a strong streak of mischief. Certainly one of her numerous “weaknesses” is shredding and eating tissue paper. All of it started using the stack of paper napkins that we’d leave within the napkin holder on the kitchen table. Occasionally we came home to obtain the remains of the entire stack, within a corner, in tiny little pieces. If one of many kids left a napkin on the placemat, she’d quietly sneak over and slip it off the table, and off to the corner she would go. Paper towels left around the counter found the same fate.

Soon afterward the raids on our downstairs bathroom began. Daisy would manage to get the end of your roll towels and unroll many of the roll. Needless to say she’d gnaw along side it of the was left around the spool to destroy the whole roll. A dog gate solved the issue, provided that the kids don’t let it sit open. Her final trick was “counter surfing” for your box of Kleenex that sat at the far back from the counter. Daisy would stand up on the back legs and quietly grab the package. Then off to her favorite corner for some fun!

Our new eco-friendly habits for tissue use have changed this. While Daisy hasn’t mentioned it to us, I don’t think she likes our relocate to cloth napkins, dishtowels and handkerchiefs, along with the canine gate that protects the toilet. She actually is not enthusiastic about chewing the cloth products. Now she will go to her dog toy box and selects a well liked squeaky toy to munch on. Not quite as appetizing as tissue, but her “girlish figure” has returned!

Good reasons to use only 100% recycled tissue paper products?

It possesses a second use for recycle paper materials.

Paper fibers is only able to be recycled a couple of times so tissue is an excellent final use.

Recycled paper uses 50% less water in manufacturing.

Recycled paper uses 40% less energy in manufacturing.

The Us Environmental Protection Agency? (EPA) finds that recycling causes 35% less water pollution and 74% less air pollution.

Recycled paper does not need re-bleaching; NO toxic dioxin and chlorines.

With all of this evidence, it’s clear that using non-recycled tissue paper is a terrible waste of our own natural resources along with the environment.

But what about the cost?

We all have this impression that recycled tissue paper products are far more expensive than regular products. I did an extremely quick price comparison of recycled verses non-recycled products to discover exactly what the cost difference happens to be.

At Trader Joe’s you could buy a 3-pack of 100% recycled paper towels (2 ply 80 sheets per roll, 11 in. x 11 in.) for $3.99. (Total of 220 feet of paper at 1.81 cents per foot) has Seventh Generation 100% recycled paper towels 6-pack (2ply 140 sheets per roll, 11 in. x 5.4 in.) is $7.99. (Total of 378 feet of paper at 2.11 cents per foot) has Bounty – Softer Huge Roll 2-pack (2ply 110 sheets per roll, 11 in. x 8.8 in.) is $5.88. (Total of 161.3 feet of paper at 3.65 cents per foot)

Trader Joe’s 12-pack of 100% recycled bath tissue (2 ply 250 sheets per roll) is $4.99. (Total of 1000 feet of paper at .50 cents per foot) has Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care bath tissue – 12 Roll (2ply 136 sheets per roll) is $8.49. (Total of 544 feet of paper at 1.56 cents per foot) has Charmin Ultra Soft bath tissue – 12 Roll (2ply 176 sheets per roll) is $9.29. (Total of 704 feet of paper at 1.31 cents per foot)

Out of this quick analysis it seems that the price difference between recycled and non-recycled tissue is minimal, and even it’s much less than the premium soft products. Shopping 22dexmpky can certainly save you money.

The way it is for making use of toilet paper manufacturers is building and understanding of this matter is starting to become widespread. Greenpeace recently published a handy pocket guide for recycled tissue and toilet paper. It is possible to carry it if you purchase products. Below is actually a summarized selection of brands through the Greenpeace guide.

Live Stream For Mobile Game – Discover How You & Your Mates Can Follow the Hottest Live Stream Mobile Games for Nothing.

Mobile users are playing games less often, but they are spending more money and time per game, according to a new report.

Throughout the last year, Live stream for mobile game has seen a 10 % year-on-year decline in the number of sessions, analytics firm Flurry has revealed, which tracks greater than 940,000 apps that happen to be placed on over 2.1 billion devices. As well, the average time put in gaming apps has shot up by 44 seconds, and revenue has seen a 53 percent year-on-year growth.

Even though overall number of sessions has fallen, there is a clear divide involving the categories. Games in board and strategy, racing, and sports have witnessed upticks of 29, 26 and 9 percent year-on-year, while those who work in role playing, casual, music, and arcade have significantly declined. According to Flurry, three of the latter four drove more than half of most mobile gaming sessions 3 years ago.

There is a divide between phones and tablets with regards to average time spent, too. Gamers on tablets spend about 4 minutes longer per session than those on phones, with the average session length to arrive at 10 mins on tablets, and 6 minutes 29 seconds on phones.

The revenue data originates from research undertaken by SensorTower, with the report noting how the combined revenue on Android and iOS increased from $7.8 billion (Rs. 50,374 crores) in Q1 2016 to $11.9 billion (Rs. 76,853 crores) in Q1 2017, which equals a 53 percent rise.

As for share across countries, america is the still top mobile gaming market at twenty percent of all the gaming sessions, combined with India at 13 percent. Almost every other country carries a single-digit share. Flurry noted the average US mobile user spends 33 minutes each day playing video games.

And unlike the console gaming market, which leans towards men worldwide, heavy mobile gaming users (understood to be greater than 5 hours weekly) in The United States are 52 percent female, and 38.6 years.

Flurry’s report also states that tablet gaming sees a stable peak each morning, combined with phone gaming during commute, after which returning to tablet use at night.

Raw Steroid Powder – Browse the Detailed Review About Raw Steroid Powders.

Earlier this month, the Drug Enforcement Administration announced it had busted 16 underground labs and seized 134,000 Raw Steroid Powder and pills, 8,200 liters of injectable steroid liquid (that’s 140 kegs worth), and 1,400 pounds from the raw powder that steroids are produced. In Arizona alone, four labs and 150,000 doses of all were taken by DEA agents within an undercover operation that spanned 20 states and four foreign countries.

There are actually, clearly, a lot of steroids out on the planet. Investigators suspect there are actually hundreds more labs churning out performance-enhancing drugs. According to the DEA, a lot of the materials used to make steroids isn’t even in the U.S. – it’s in China. As big as it absolutely was, the DEA inquiry provides a view throughout the smallest of keyholes of this illicit business.

One reasonable inference from the volume of steroids seized may be: there must be a heck of a lot of athletes who happen to be doping. And that’s true.

This month, the British Parliament released a previously unpublished study through the World Anti-Doping Agency that used anonymous surveys to estimate the prevalence of doping at some recent competitions. It estimated that between 29 and 34 percent of the athletes at the 2011 world championships in track and field in Daegu, South Korea used performance-enhancing drugs that season. As many as one half of the competitors on the 2011 Pan-Arab Games in Doha, Qatar had recently juiced, the research found. (I had been at those Pan-Arab Games, and privy to the barely noted simple fact that nine gold medals were stripped ahead of the event even ended.)

Amazingly enough, world-class athletes are merely the fine layer of frost atop the iceberg’s tip in relation to the steroid economy.

To illustrate, and speaking of ice, take Iceland. As part of this recent operation, a lab was busted there. Iceland sent five athletes total, all skiers, on the last Olympics. (Compare that to nine those who were arrested with the steroid lab.) It’s unlikely that an underground steroid economy in Iceland subsists on elite athletes alone. So who may be driving this tremendous market?

One answer is non-elite athletes. In many years of reporting on performance-enhancing drugs, I’ve frequently been asked why athletes in smaller sports or facing lower stakes would dope, provided that there’s little funds in it to them.

My answer: people like being efficient at sports, and whoever has ever scheduled their life around training for a sport, irrespective of how big or small, would never need to ask that question.

My alma mater, Columbia University, launched a steroid probe in to the football team in the past in 1988, when the team had not won a game title in five years. Two players admitted to steroid use included in that internal investigation.

More than a decade later, as i was actually a Columbia student-athlete, two students were busted for selling steroids on campus, and something claimed he sold to an athlete.

It is a university which gives no athletic scholarships and whose greatest sports successes (post-Lou Gehrig) have come within the pool, around the track, and in the fencing hall. I happen to understand about these incidents only because I went there. And yet, my reporting has shown that you have nowhere near enough sub-elite athletes to are the cause of the booming trade in illegal steroids. So, again, who seems to be driving this market?

Inside my observation, the key customers for what’s being churned out from the illegal labs the DEA took down are gym-goers who would like to get stronger and search different, supplemented by individuals professions where physical strength is prized, for example law enforcement officers and soldiers.

For the 2008 Sports Illustrated article on steroids which i co-wrote with L. Jon Wertheim, I spent a couple of days in England using a man named Tony Fitton. Despite lacking a college degree, inside the 1980s Fitton was given a faculty position at Auburn University, from the National Strength Research Center.

Fitton was already well-versed in steroid use. Years earlier, he had disrupted a study about the training effects of steroids as he began getting the treatment medication off their participants.

At Auburn, Fitton’s job consisted mostly of helping legendary strongman Bill Kazmaier train. “I didn’t even have a bloody typewriter,” Fitton explained to me. He was, though, an extremely brilliant kitchen chemist. He scoured pharmacology and medical texts, often experimenting on himself. He once seen that a hypertension drug in trials was creating a peculiar complication – it made patients’ eyebrows grow together. Fitton figured when the drug could regrow hair, he could sell it off to steroid users to help using the bald patches that sometimes develop from injectable steroids use. Today, you already know that drug as minoxidil, the active component in Rogaine.

Fitton was also providing steroids to elite athletes. In the course of reporting that story, several NFL players admitted they’d been his clients – nevertheless i was surprised at things i saw when I got my on the job his old business ledger, as well as other documents associated with his dealings. The ledger recounted with regards to a year of his sales, and while college football and NFL players, power lifters, professional wrestlers and bodybuilders were one of the buyers, the ledger was filled with a wide smattering of consumers, from gym proprietors to policemen and soldiers to droves of guys who just desired to have bigger muscles.

Years later, when I met by using a convicted steroid dealer in Florida who’d been selling to your chiropractor utilizing the Washington Capitals, he explained that law enforcement officers and military personnel were steady clients. And, as he also sold for some competitive athletes, he explained that boys who desired to change their physique comprised many of the demand. He, himself, began taking steroids after admiring Arnold Schwarzenegger carrying a tree trunk from the 1985 film Commando.

Per year before that movie hit the theaters, Fitton was caught from a customs agent bringing steroids all over the border from Mexico, and became the initial person being federally prosecuted for steroid smuggling. Steroids weren’t even controlled substances yet, however they did require a prescription, and that he had over 2,000 boxes worth of the steroid Dianabol within his car.

In 1997, he was arrested again – he informed me his supply was coming via commercial airline pilots who picked up steroids in countries where they may be purchased legally. By that time, Fitton ended up being arrested for steroid distribution thrice, along with jumped bail twice. He was sentenced to four months in prison, but his punishment was delayed, just because a legal health supplement company was very happy to employ him and had arranged a chance for him to advise the Green Bay Packers on training for strength. The Packers declined to discuss why they enables Fitton any connection with their players.

Fitton, who had been ultimately deported, might seem as an odd hire to get a supplement company, however the supplement industry has a record of overlap with all the steroid world. Patrick Arnold, the chemist who created designer steroids for BALCO, was also known in the workout world to have made muscle-building supplements, including androstenedione, the substance that first started performance-enhancing drug trouble for Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire each time a reporter spotted it within his locker.

During the time, it was actually legally available over-the-counter, and after it was actually mentioned in terms of McGwire in the news in 1998, sales reportedly exploded by one thousandPercent, because of people in the home who wanted to be as muscly as Big Mac.

Grab any muscle mag with the supermarket, and you’ll get feelings of the objective market. While many famous magazines are barely more substantial than pamphlets nowadays, Muscular Development, by way of example, can certainly still stop a door.

Past issues from the magazine have featured Q&A’s in which a professional will provide specific “how to” advice on dissolving steroids for injection, or the length of time particular dosages is going to be effective, and the way to limit the opportunity of liver damage. A great deal of the magazine is full of advertisements for nutritional supplements that happen to be clearly attempting to evoke steroid use.

An advertisement for any website called shows products using nicknames of traditional steroids – “D-Bol” and “Winni-V” (Dianabol and Winstrol) – though with slightly altered chemical formulas from the familiar substances. Somatropin is a pharmaceutical reputation for human human growth hormone; will sell you what it calls Somatroph HC. I asked an internet customer care associated with the web site how the company can make “legal steroids’’ and then he said: “we’ve been able to take the effective parts of the illegal steroids and then make it legal.’’ I’ve asked a business spokeswoman how, exactly, this is achieved but have not heard back.

It remains unclear what’s in these kinds of products. Some supplements might actually be designer steroids. Supplement makers want their goods to be effective, along with the industry is lightly regulated, so steroids are already proven to appear in over the counter products.

The ads often depict muscle-bound men, and quite often show photos of extremely fit and scantily clad women. A concern might feature a wide range of lifestyle advice to men, from the bizarre – don’t tattoo genitals just because a medical report found (surprise!) there can be some unpleasant repercussions – to ads with the familiar tone of women’s magazine advice columns. One example gives four rules: “#1 – Respect Gym Etiquette;” “#2 – Train Hard & Listen A Lot More Than You Talk;” #3 – Enable The Women Come To You (Animal Instinct 101);” and “#4 – Don’t Be Caught With the Wrong Supplements.”

This content is tailored for men who would like to be stronger, feel more energetic and much better about themselves in addition to turn the heads of girls as well as other men. That, needless to say, is really a far larger portion of the male population than the number of athletes having dreams about Olympic gold.

Also, it is a market segment that is going to grow as being the Baby Boomers age. The quantity of men in their 40s who got prescriptions for testosterone a lot more than quadrupled between 2001 and 2011, according to data authored by the Journal in the American Medical Association. And guess what’s often cheaper and much easier to obtain dexmpky84 prescribed, pharmaceutical grade testosterone? Chemical analogs of testosterone – that’s what steroids are – that somebody sells around the black market or markets as being a dietary supplement. In the course of my reporting with this subject, I’ve bought both testosterone and illicit steroids sold as supplements. The latter was quicker and cheaper to acquire.

Police force agents and oral steroids I’ve spoken to throughout the years say there’s no lead to sight towards the burgeoning niche for steroids. There is lots of money to be made, legal risks are minimal – steroids aren’t exactly DEA’s top priority – and there’s no shortage of folks that want to look like the statuesque models they see inside the magazines.

Amazon Canon LP-E10 Battery – The Perfect Shop To Find a Reasonably Priced Leading Quality Battery Pack.

Being a professional photographer, there’s one important thing which i have particularly noticed- the important thing to have a compelling photo is creativity. Yes. If you want customers to notice your photograph, try to be more creative along with it. Don’t be worked up if you exhaust ideas or inspiration. In this post, I’’ll inform you several of my best secrets that boosted my creativity and helped me to formulate a photographic eye.

Try moving photography

Unlike the standard photography tutorials that suggest you to definitely keep still while photographing; I’d recommend something out from the box. Try moving your camera. Well, I truly do know how important it can be to hold your camera still so that you can take sharp photos. But sharp photos, isn’’t precisely what we wish. Moving the digital camera will prove to add motion for your photographs and make it tad more compelling. Try using panning; if you’re working together with sports photography or rotating; if you have a whirled child around you.

You can also select camera throwing. But this procedure is not actually for individuals that prefer conventional styles. For this one, you will have to use a long shutter speed, set the self timer mode and throw your camera within the air just before releasing the shutter. Also known as ?extreme photography’, this genre can bring about many of the most stunning shots, if incorporated properly.

Zoom while you shoot

This can be another efficient way to capture a sense of movement within your images. All that you should do is retain the camera still, as you zoom inside and out by making use of your zooming lens. Try this whilst you actually use the shot.

While using the panning technique can also add a vertical movement to the shot, making use of the zoom will prove to add a dynamic and 3D appear and feel to your image.

Team this on top of the sync flash feature to find the best results.

Try to be creative while focusing

Just about the most common problems that I observe within the photographs of newbies is simply poor focusing. Photographers either focus at the front or behind that subject that must be sharper.

You can always avoid these problems with focusing when you are creative with your focus. You can purposely be out from concentrate your shots to get a random and sudden feel within the game.

The procedure is particularly effective dexnpky69 you either have a completely plain background which implies that nothing with your shots will be in focus or when the background includes a secondary element which gives you the chance to focus on it while leaving the primary element from focus.

Include a person inside the scene

One of the better ways to add a hint of drama in your regular image is by adding an individual because composition. Although this is a pretty easy job to accomplish, it leaves a massive effect on your photo. Particularly used for landscape photography, this can be a very good way to incorporate a strong center of attention. Follow these tips and make use of the JVC BN-408U battery for clearer, sharper and much better images.

PSD to HTML is Dead

PSD to HTML tutorials are all over the web. In fact, many people have asked me why there’s not a PSD to HTML tutorial on Treehouse. In addition to the tutorials, there are lots of companies that will accept a PSD and convert it to a webpage for roughly $100 USD.

Check out all our HTML courses at Treehouse.
Google returns more than 48 million results for a “psd to html” search. It’s popular, but not the best way to make websites.

Google returns more than 48 million results for a “psd to html” search. It’s popular, but not the best way to make websites.

If it’s so popular, then how can I say that it’s dead? Well… I wish every web design quandary could fit into a poetic 140 character tweet, but this is a fuzzy issue that demands a more articulate explanation. Let’s dig in.

Free trial on Treehouse: Do you want to learn more about HTML and design strategy? Click here to try a free trial on Treehouse.
What is PSD to HTML?

In general, “PSD to HTML” is a workflow. First, a web page is designed in a Photoshop Document (PSD) and then converted to code (using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). You could swap Photoshop with any other image editor (like Pixelmator, GIMP, and so on), but the principle is the same. Here’s a slightly more detailed step-by-step breakdown:

Design a high fidelity pixel-perfect mockup in Photoshop of exactly what you want your site to look like.
Use the slice tool to divide your website’s imagery and then export it for the web.
Write HTML and CSS that utilizes the imagery you exported from Photoshop.

At first glance, this might seem like a good idea. It can be difficult to start coding if you don’t know what the final result is going to look like, so experimenting in Photoshop first and then “exporting” it to HTML sounds like a granular and sensible process.
Screenshot of the save for web dialog window in Photoshop.

In Photoshop, the slices feature in the save for web dialog used to be an essential tool for designers saving assets from a PSD. It made it easy to “slice” a design into images and then layout in a web page using HTML and CSS.

Taking this idea further, many web companies have used PSD to HTML as a template for team workflows. In other words, a designer creates the Photoshop mockup and then hands it over to a developer that writes all of the code. In modern times, the job role of a web designer tends to encompass aesthetics as well as HTML and CSS coding.
Was PSD to HTML ever a good idea?

Yes, PSD to HTML workflows used to be one of the best ways to make websites. There’s two big reasons why PSD to HTML used to make sense.

The first reason is for image assets. Before browsers supported all the wonderful features of modern CSS (drop shadows, rounded corners, gradients, and more) it was very difficult to create cross-browser effects without the use of images. Designers would create shadows and rounded corners as images, then clever coding tricks were used to place the imagery on the page. These assets would need to be realized no matter what, so creating them at the same time as the high fidelity mockup actually saved time.
Screenshot of a sliding doors tab asset.

Prior to the development and widespread adoption of CSS, many websites were a collection of image assets that looked something like this. One of the most innovative techniques of the time was the sliding doors technique to create tabs back in 2003.

Secondly (and perhaps more importantly) the web used to only be available on desktop browsers and wasn’t really present on phones and tablets in the way it is today. Designing for one fixed resolution of 1024×768 used to be totally viable.

For these two reasons, it’s understandable why a designer would look to Photoshop as their primary web design tool. Image assets were needed for a single screen resolution.
What’s wrong with PSD to HTML now?

When pitted against other areas of art and technology, the web is a relatively young medium and things change fast. I’ve made dozens of websites using some variation of the PSD to HTML mindset and I’m sure many people reading this have done the same, but it’s time to move on. Here are the primary reasons why I believe thinking in terms of PSD to HTML is dead.
Responsive Web Design

First, there are now a myriad of methods for browsing the web. Phones, tablets, desktops, notebooks, televisions, and more. There is no single screen resolution that a designer can target. Taking that idea a few steps further, there’s really no number of screen resolutions that you can safely “target” anymore. provides tables of information about popular hardware devices. provides tables of information about popular hardware devices.

I’m not going to delve into the finer details of responsive web design or scalable design, but the point is that Photoshop is pixel based. Web pages are fluid and change.
CSS Design

Second, new features in CSS have now become commonly available. There are still a few lingering issues here and there, but support has vastly improved in the last several years. Common effects like shadows, gradients, and rounded corners can be accomplished in CSS and usually don’t even need an image-based fallback anymore.

Third, the web industry has grown up a lot. Collectively we’ve had more time to refine our present understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Most companies will expect a designer to take ownership of aesthetics as well as HTML and CSS code.

This also means there are much better tools to support modern workflows. CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation make it more viable to design in the browser. Apps like Balsamiq and Omnigraffle help to wireframe sites rapidly. Pencil and paper mockups have stood the test of time because they allow for extremely rapid iteration.
Does this mean Photoshop is dead?

No! Not even close. Photoshop is still very important to web design. The problem comes in when a powerful tool like Photoshop is used as a catch all solution without thinking of the higher level task (designing websites). Photoshop is awesome for editing and exporting photographs for web usage. There’s also plenty of situations where it still might make sense to generate full detail mockups (in Photoshop, Illustrator, or otherwise) as part of a more complete process. Here are a couple of examples:

High fidelity mockups can be a critical communication tool when working with web design clients. It might seem faster to skip a high detail mockup, but it could hurt later on, because many clients aren’t going to understand how a wireframe will translate to a web browser. A high fidelity mockup can serve as a discussion tool before writing lots of code (only to discover it’s not what the client wanted).
High fidelity mockups can be very important when working in medium to large sized teams. We often will create high res mockups at Treehouse when planning new courses or designing new features of our site, because it’s a powerful way to sync everyone’s mental model of what a feature will look like or how a project might look once it’s finished.

These two examples have a key difference from the PSD to HTML way of thinking. High detail mockups are still sometimes generated, but not so that they can be “tossed over the fence” to a team of developers or sliced up into code. Rather, Photoshop mockups can be used as a visual aid to discuss ideas. In a PSD to HTML workflow, the Photoshop document represents the final site and it’s expected to look exactly the same in the browser. This is a subtle but important difference.
Different Strokes

Everyone’s workflow is different and nobody knows how to make the perfect website. You should always do whatever is most effective for you and your colleagues. Pushing pixels around in Photoshop is a ton of fun, but I can admit to many occasions when I’ve pushed the pixels too far. The key is to know yourself and what makes you perform at your best. If you have any questions or opinions, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!